With world's slimmest interface for a media player, M View SE offers most of the essential functions and more.
M View SE is fully functional through single keystrokes which are ergonomically mapped
Variable frame rates and frame by frame review ensure that you wont' miss a single frame.
A unique bookmark / resume function helps the user to resume from a particular point of the media clip.
M View SE runs on minimal system resources and uses lesser CPU time.
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  • A very usefull and simple media player with an easy to use interface. 2.7 : 5 Stars Award at SOFTS.info ! 
    5 Cup 
    GFS 5 Star Award 
    Editors Choice 
    5 Stars 
    M View SE: 5 Stars Award at dailysofts.com ! 
     Excellent @ terra.es 
    Fast Download .info
    Fast Download .info
    Maxx Download
    Rated 3 stars at SnapFiles
    Download top PC 
    clean soft 
    Download 2 you.com
  • Hotly and Highly Recommended Free Software!...... Real Caos Gratification Research
  • A small footprint audio and video player ! topdrawerdownloads
  • One of my biggest gripes about Windows Media Player is their isn't a lightweight interface without all the extra tabs for ripping, burning and shopping for music. There's mini-mode, but even that is inelegant for many things. I want something that's little more than a playback window for video. MView SE accomplishes this nicely, with a very slim set of play controls and support for all the media types playable in Windows Media Player. In addition to the tiny footprint around your media, a set of single button keyboard controls makes play control reasonably easy...... jakeludington.com
  • Bare bones interface for Media Player.... Snap Files
  • Minimalista reproductor de audio y vídeo

  • M View es un sencillísimo reproductor multimedia con soporte para los mismos formatos que Windows Media Player, incluso DivX. Su mínima interfaz y funciones básicas hacen que consuma muy pocos recursos y sea realmente...... Read more
  • Completely Free Software

  • While this is not presented as an "all singing, all dancing" media player, it does have some excellent features and is very easy to use. It supports variable frame rate for animations, you can vary the sound level by using the up and down arrows, and it offers quite a few keyboard shortcuts to make life easier....... Read more
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