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M View is an unregistered trademark.
His holy noodliness FSM. Creator of the creators of the creator of M View and everything

M View ?

M View is a minimal media player with a minimal user interface designed to cope with my style of interaction with the system which is either just using the keyboard or just with the mouse without much movement.

Some History

Well.. Hey! you guys really read this ?!. anyways; the very first version of M View released in 1999 (guess what ? it was Y2K Compliant ! ). That time M View was using the Media Player Component (I wasn't that good at programming). The first M View Package weighed a lofty 2 MB+ with the VB Runtimes.
I wanted to squeeze the M View setup into a floppy and get rid of the Media Player Component. Eventually I used more APIs and came with M View 2.7in 2003 with a much better and slimmer interface. Of course by that time there were a lot of media players available with better features, floppy disks have become obsolete. But I still like to stick to M View for videos except DVD Movies. So does a decent amount of people on the net.

Now What ?

Well now I added one more feature to M View to support my laziness,
Wheel Ctrl
Now rewind/forward, frame advance/reverse all thru your wheel mouse.

What Else ?

  • A unique resume function
    Hit Esc. Kaboom! the application exits remembering last played file and position
  • Single touch hotkeys
    You dont' need to put one finger on ctrl another on alt and another on,,, M View made in such a way that even a snake can use it (conditions apply)
  • Draag Draaaa...aaaaag
    Drag the file into the M View window or the M View icon it just plays, also you can move the window by dragging anywhere in the screen we guarantee you that it won't worn.
  • Built in audio recorder
    Big deal huh ? Anyways it's still better than the one minute sound recorder of your favourite OS.
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